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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Oldest Daughter!

This was my Facebook post on her Birthday last week ...don't think I can say it better

In a few hours, Mariusz and I will have an 8 year old...WOW. She is an AMAZING child, who daily shows us what a blessing she is to us and all those around her. When she was born she cried for just a few seconds, and then looked at the world with her wide eyes. The DR told us that she was going to be wise beyond her years and more importantly someone special...And boy is she.. Cat always has a piece of advice for anyone that has a problem and although this past 18 months have been tough for her through it she has never lost her amazing outlook on life and her laughter... Every day she makes us proud, she embraces life full speed ahead and is celebrating 8 with her first airplane trip solo on Saturday. She has taught us what unconditional love is and most importantly she has taught Mariusz and I that NOTHING in life is too small to be enjoyed. Happy 8th Birthday to our Oldest Daughter, Catarzyna aka Cat!





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