DISCLAIMER: This blog is being used to help me deal with the passing of our daughter Emelina, whom was delivered stillborn on Feb 21. These are MY feelings and I will not be sorry for having them.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A day to REMEMBER....

Birthdays in Heaven
By Rhona McNally
Do angels have birthdays
in Heaven above?
Is the day they were born
treated special with love?

Do they get to have parties
with presents and cake…
Are there toys and balloons
and fun memories to make?

Do the candles increase
as the years come and go…
Do our angels get big
Does the time let them grow?

Only God knows the answers
And angels above...

Happy birthday sweet Emelina
You will always be loved.

Happy 1st “Angel”versary Baby.

Love Always,
Mommy, Daddy and Cat

This summer we did a ballon release close to what would have been Emelina's 6 month "birthday"
Thank you to our fantastic Photographer Pam Dykstra and our friends for the use of there home.




Such a small girl but you truly have changed the world



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