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Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden and Backyard Renovations

This weekend we spent all day Sunday in my backyard. I started with scrubbing the deck and cleaning as well as planting my pots, afterwards I moved on to the back yard and planting Emmie's garden. I found a cool butterfly to put in it and once I get the Lego reorganization complete (yes a week later and we are still working on it), Cat and I are going to make a garden stepping stone to complete it. For the past 3 years I have wanted to edge our cedars with something to make it look nicer and finally yesterday we did it. Originally I just wanted Mariusz to dig it up but he figured why stop so we did it all...the only thing left is to get dirt but our place is closed on Sundays so next Saturday he is going to get a truck load of dirt and manure. We were so exhausted but so very happy with the results.

The Before:

The After

Emelina's Garden Before:

The After:

I am going to see about adding a few more butterfly items but need to get out to some garden stores.

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