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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday With Cat.....

Today had me out at Cat's baseball game by myself which is a hurdle...I have not gone to any of Cat's classes by myself....I either don't stay or I have someone with me to chat with....I couldn't today as Mariusz was in a course, and with it being a baseball game I felt like I had to stay...Cat did tell me that since we ran out of time to stop at Tim Horton's to get my tea I could leave her and go to get it..What an amazing girl she is...with it being her first game I thought that  I would stay.

 I had not even considered until I got there and remembered that two of the parents are Cat's fellow classmates, so I am sure that they know we lost Emmie...the mom's were nice. I am not a super social "mom" I leave that up to my husband...because of my work I constantly see clients that I have helped all over the place and two of them are even on Cat's team so I keep to myself for the most part.

After Cat's game we head out to buy her a new "Jill" (jock strap for girls) as hers was too small. Then we had an enjoyable lunch at subway before heading over to Papa Murphy's to pick up Pizza for dinner...one more stop and I figured we were done..that one stop my much awaited Tea from Tim Horton's...now since I lost Emmie I have not go into a fast food restaurant I only do a drive-thru...less likely I will run into someone I know....any they told be they had NONE....really NONE...I love Tim Horton's Steep Tea.....now I am awaiting the arrival of my husband with one as my reward for a healthy eating day and just because I WANT ONE!!!

Here is a picture of the Girl in her uniform

Bat Catcher

Running to Base

I know it is blurry but I love this shot

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