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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Emmie's Home...

She came home they way that NO child should ever come home.....in an URN. Mariusz picked it up yesterday, I thought I would feel something relief, sadness at least something....the only thing I am feeling today is peacefulness. I think it is because I had to explain to Cat yesterday about Cremation and Urns...that is fun telling your 6 year old that her sister is burned....To start with she told me Emmie could not be coming home as she was in heaven, my explanation was her heart and soul are there but her body has to stay here on earth and what our options are. It was much easier then I had thought and she is okay with it so far.

We have had some discussion about what to do with Emmie's ashes and I think we have finally decided that she will be buried with Mariusz or I when our time comes. I want her with us and we are possibly expecting that some big moves are could be in our future and I am not okay with leaving Emmie behind. Which is better in some ways and worse in others...we will have no cemetery to visit to leave flowers or allow others to visit, but it allows me peacefulness that she is with us. To honour her we are working on changing up our back garden and will be making it Emmie's Garden, and when we move pieces of the plants will come with us as well as any garden items we put in it. As well as it is on my list to find out where we can do and plant a tree in her honour. I would like to be at our local park so some research needs to be done. I would like to plant it next spring in her honour.


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